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July 3rd, 2012

Hey :)

I had a feeling I did this once but I'm not really sure, I might have tried but decided not to send it. At least I didn't find mine in here...

Name: Aada. But in the internet my nicknames have always something to do with the word "Madness" :)
Age: 21.
Location: Finland.
What's in your journal: My journal? I'm not really active with that actually. There's some very old posts in Finnish and then newer in English but haven't really written much in there. Mostly my fanfictions but it's very different fandom and not even all of these...
What rating is your journal: Dunno. There's mostly thoughts about things and I'd say it's not for too young people.

Favourite Sherlock series/movie(s): Guy Ritchie movies! I love these! Also 've watched some of the old series with Jeremy Brett and-that-later-Watson-actor-whose-name-I-never-remember and I really like these too. Would like to see more.
Favourite Sherlock character(s): I really like Holmes himself. All this weirdness and randomness... I really like "weird" people (like I wasn't one by myself aswell...) and people who doesn't mind what other people think about how they act and are.
Much about other characters I don't know, mostly these appearing in the '09 and '12 films.
Favourite Sherlock pairing(s): Holmes/Watson of course ;)

Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: Drawing, writing, reading, photographing, being at the computer... not much. I mostly love to be at home :P

Friending policy: If you feel like you might feel like talking with me, feel free to do so! I may sometimes be very... blind with social situations and don't talk if I don't have anything to say except one keeps the conversation alive, and what am I talking about? I like people but I'm not really one that needs to see other people 100% of the time so if I don't concatc, it's not 'cause I wouldn't like someone but that I don't feel a need for socialisation that often :p I also often have times when I don't feel like talking with anyone and my answers may take some time. But still, I love talking with other, especially if we have something in common! :) Oh and I really don't know how to write things shortly ;)

Where to add you: Here in LiveJournal, though I don't write much but I still check my messages and have groups to follow. Also deviantArt is one place I go often. I also have Tumblr but there also I mostly just view and just sometimes reblog. But it's my fangirling place :D

What you do in fandom: Not much yet, but I watch much videos ;) But now also feel like reading fics and maybe writing something by myself. Also let's see if there some day will be some drawings :D

Other fandoms you like: Oh there's much of them... but I never remember anything when I should list these. But let's try: Die Ärzte (german punk-rock band); X-Men: First Class (Erik/Charles; McFassy); RDJude; Jackass etc... I tend to have pairings from everything ::DDD

Other comms you like: Mostly related to things I fangirl at :p

Anything else you'd like to share: Hmmmm dunno. Maybe I want to just say again that don't be afraid, I (hopefully) am not that weirdo I might sound like :D And that I'm stubborn and also that I have no idea why I told that but let it be there anyway. Cheers!


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