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Heyla, is this thing still on?

Name: Rabby

Age: 26

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

What's in your journal: Mostly daily ramblings that are not typically fandom-centred, but generally they'll get there in a roundabout way. I tend to either get quiet (generally only if I'm moping that none of my friends is reading/commenting/posting in their own journals anymore) or very hyper (posting daily... Or more.)

What rating is your journal: Generally rated PG (for swearing), but if I do an art, it'll probably get linked in some way, and those are likely not to be rated G. Well... Also, talking about drawing porn. (Johnlock, other fandoms, etc...) *_*;;;

Favourite Sherlock series/movie(s): BBC? Honestly I've only really watched BBC Sherlock and Sherley Holmes. (Did anyone outside of Canada see that?) In terms of BBC Sherlock episodes... The Great Game is my favourite, Reichenbach Fall being a close second. (Yeah, I am only here due to BBC. ;o; Sorry, traditionalists. Total respect to you!)

Favourite Sherlock character(s): John. JAWNNNNN~!

Favourite Sherlock pairing(s): Johnlock.

Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: Drawing/writing fandom-y things (I like to think I can make fanbooks, but while they generally reach 70% completion, they seldom get much further. D:), writing original YA stuff, playing any video game I can find that does not ever involve car chases or shoot-outs (simply because I am challenged in those areas).

Friending policy: If your posts are generally dark, I'll probably not add you, simply because I know I'm easily influenced, and I've had my own dark battles that I'd rather not be triggered to think back on. Otherwise, if you generally post somewhat frequently, I'll probably be inclined towards you! Anyone with a K-pop, ATLA, Korra, or Hornblower inclination will be even more interesting! But I'm not actually super picky - I'd base it more on my perception of your personality. :D

Where to add you: Rabby on LJ, Rabbykin on Tumblr (For arts and things I think relevant to my fandoms), Rabbytumblz on Tumblr (for everything else, mostly reposts), Rabby on Deviantart.

What you do in fandom: Draw. Drawwww. Occasionally I'll write, but it's pretty rare, simply because I hate that I cannot easily multi-task while writing, and that drives me nuts. ;_;

Other fandoms you like: Horatio Hornblower (movies over books, sorry Bush); Avatar: the Last Airbender (Zukka fan!); Avatar: Legend of Korra... I want to get into Supernatural, I just need to get my grubby hands on it!

Other comms you like: They've all DIED. My f-list is deader than John's heart post-Reichenbach.

Anything else you'd like to share: If we have an age-difference, please ignore it, because some of my BEST, MOST AMAZING friends have significant age differences with me, and it has never, ever gotten in the way of anything. <3 Also, I make a lot of faces in my posts; if you can't deal with ":D" then you probably will not be able to deal with me! Just a head's up!


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